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Indie Wonderland: Volume

Those of you who know game designer Mike Bithell probably associate that name with his magnus opus, and formerly only opus, the colourful block-jumping puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone. The latter gathered quite some praise on account of its gameplay, graphical design, and storytelling through soothing narration (almost a year before Bastion would use the same tactic), turning the former into a name to be watched. How would Mike Bithell iterate on the indie darling success of Thomas Was Alone? What would his next move be? The world waited with bated breath.

Well, unless — like me — you follow Mike on Twitter. Because it was pretty hard to miss the process in action, there. Bithell Games’ next step was to draw in some additional talent, artists and sound directors and voice acting talent big and bigger. And all that talent was then used, over several years, to create Volume. An ‘unapologetic stealth action’ game.

Hey, have you guessed yet what this column is about?

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, low-medium. Mechanical, medium-high.)

(Game source: Patreon bucks.)

After the break: Volume. If I turn my sound all the way down, will that ruin the gameplay experience as intended? Or would I be adding an extra stealth dimension? Only time will tell!