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Next Week’s Streams: Ninja Gaiden & Volgarr Spectacular!

UPDATE: I had to reschedule the Volgarr stream to Sunday, click here for details.

Ninjustin here, and next Thursday (March 3rd) I’m doing something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I’m going to stream a best-ending-run of Volgarr the Viking.

I never wrote about Volgarr and I only streamed it once last year, but it’s a 2014 game I discovered in 2015 that calls back to the old days of challenging action-sidescrollers like Castlevania, Zelda 2 and Super Ghouls & Ghosts, while improving vastly upon them. I genuinely call it hard-but-fair, which is a label I don’t ascribe to every game — Dark Souls can suck it — and I played the hell out of it last year, to the point where not only did I beat the whole notoriously difficult thing, I achieved the secret best ending, which requires jumping through some serious hoops.

I wanted to either stream myself achieving the task or record a video of it, but I never bothered last year. Now that I’m getting into the regular stream scene, I figured it’s as good a time as any. If you’d like to watch me kick that game’s ass, I’m going to stream at 8:00PM UTC. Here is a time zone converter for the event.  EDIT: Here’s the correct time zone converter page.

Also, on Tuesday March 1st I’m going to stream Ninja Gaiden for the NES, which I’ve been doing regularly since I started streaming. The game is frustratingly hard and often blatantly unfair, but I like how it feels, and I’ve made it a personal goal to beat it so I can up my ninja level. (Ninja level is a thing, in case you were wondering.) Same time, 8:00PM UTC. Here you go.

Hope to see you folks on the channel! On Tuesday I will die a lot, but on Thursday I will conquer.

Streaming Tomorrow (the 17th)

Ninjustin here, and we’re doing our first stream of 2015! Same time (2:00 Central, meaning about 20 hours after this post goes up), same place (our Hitbox channel), I’m going to be streaming Volgarr the Viking. Some people have likened the game to a 2D Dark Souls, which is fairly fitting, since I greatly enjoy the challenging core gameplay but find many elements to be frustratingly bullshit.

So, basically, hop on tomorrow to watch me die a lot and get really angry!