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Indie Wonderland: Voidspire Tactics

Timing really is everything in this business. Here, you want an example? A few weeks ago, Rad Codex developer Sean Hayden sent me and Justin both a directed email about his (studio’s) newest game, Voidspire Tactics. It looked super interesting, a top-down pixel-style tactical RPG adventure. And Sean was adamant that he’d love to see either of us write about it, which is more or less the exact phrase you need to trick my ego into doing things.

And then I had to tell him that, sorry, I can’t quite get to your game yet. I have six weeks of Sakura to struggle through.

But hey! Never let it be said that I forget good flattery. The season of the Sakura is done and done, and I’m in desperate need of something meaningful to cleanse my palette. Tactics and void spires, away!

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, low to medium. Mechanical, somewhat high, but you’ll thank me for it.)

(Game source: Developer Steam key.)

After the break: Voidspire Tactics. Finally. Man, imagine being told that your game is less immediately pressing than six Sakuras. Something like that, I think it could break a man.