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Indie Early Access Land: Vidar

Alright, enough for now of 2016’s Greatest Hits. Let me use this first February of 2017 to tell you about a game called Vidar. I saw this game in some Steam recommendation list or other, I honestly don’t remember where or how or why. I do remember liking the premise, adding it to my wishlist, and fully expecting to forget about it until it was released. Scant hours later, I got an email from Razbury Games, courtesy of a friend (you know who you are) who suggested they’d look us up. What are the odds, right? That I would eventually write something about Vidar was pretty much a given at that point.

Now, Vidar has very recently released into very Early Access. I’m normally not super comfortable reviewing Early Access games. In this case, though, Razbury Games did put me at ease that no major changes to the overall game structure were planned. That helps. And while I still don’t want to call what I’m writing here a ‘full’ review (for reasons that will become obvious), Vidar in its current state is definitely interesting enough to want to tell people about. Let’s see if I can’t convey what I liked about it.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium. Mechanical, medium. Early Access level: Very early at time of writing, including some serious functionality bugs.)

(Game source: Developer key.)

After the break: Vidar. The game that’s fun, because it’s not!