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Indie Wonderland: VA-11 Hall-A

“Hey, wait a minute, Jarenth,” I hear you say. “You’re still doing VNADS! You can’t suddenly veer into Sukeban Games‘s VA-11 Hall-A, as that’s clearly a cyberpunk bartender action game! Says so right on the tin!”

To those people I say, good eye! I appreciate you trying to keep me honest. But also, maybe take a little closer look at the Steam page. See what it says, right there in the popular tags section?

IMG: VN (Read ’em and weep, nerds.//I don’t make the rules, I just rigidly enforce them for my own benefit.)

The larger Steam community has spoken. VA-11 Hall-A‘s a visual novel, and what’s the abbreviation for my winter adventures again? Visual Novels and Dating Sims month. Looks like I’m in the clear! So let’s get this party started before anyone thinks to bring up that it’s possible that I myself added that ‘user-defined’ tag.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium-light. Mechanical, light.)

(Game source: Patreon funds.)

After the break: VA-11 Hall-A. I didn’t actually tag it on Steam, but it’d have been cool if I did.