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Discourse Dojo: Unrest: Youtube Edition

Justin here. We’ve been pelted with reports about the podcast not streaming and only partially downloading. That’s likely a problem with our server hosting, but I’m not a tech wizard and Jarenth has a busy schedule, so for the time being I’ve taken the liberty of uploading it to Youtube with our logo as a still frame. If you all STILL have trouble, then the universe must be conspiring against us.

Again, let us know what you think!

Discourse Dojo: Unrest

Ninja Blues readers, would you like to also be Ninja Blues listeners? Well, for the first time ever, you can be! We would like to graciously introduce you to our new podcast, Discourse Dojo. Our first episode is about a recently released Kickstarter-backed game called Unrest, by Pyrodactyl Games.

Direct download (ogg)
Direct download (mp3)

UPDATE: We also uploaded the podcast to Youtube since streaming/downloading is not working properly for most.

Let us know what you think! (Of the game and of the podcast itself. This is our first attempt at hosting a podcast, and we’d like to improve our formula however we can.)

Note from Ninjustin:

Unrest, Unrest, Unrest. It’s really hard to nail down how I feel about the game. Sometimes I want to sing its praises and sometimes I want to incessantly slap it on the wrist. Jarenth says it’s well worth the asking price despite its shortcomings, and I agreed at the time, but looking back, well… $15 is a lot for a two-to-three-hour game that nails the worldbuilding but fails to deliver on the roleplaying potential that it makes you expect. But it’s certainly notable for its efforts.

As for the audio, I’m sorry about the occasional echoing. I’ll try to look into that for future recordings. And good lord, did I ramble. I’ll try to reign that in.

Jibe from Jarenth:

Well, I still think Unrest is a decent-enough game for fifteen bucks. I appreciate intent and effort a lot, even if the actual outcome is… let’s say different from what I’d hoped. Plus, I hope support towards Unrest at least partially goes towards supporting Pyrodactyl Games’ later games: just because this game doesn’t use Unrest’s engine and possibilities to their full potential, doesn’t mean a second game won’t.

As for the audio, I’m sorry my voice sounds so godawful. It’s genetic.