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Indie Wonderland: Unholy Heights

As far as I can tell, Unholy Heights — by Japanese four-man-sans-website-team Petit Depotto, and localized by Playism Games — seems to be a game about running an apartment complex for a wide variety of mythological monsters.

What? What more do you want me to say? What more justification could you possibly need from me at this point? Why aren’t you already playing it yourself?

Unholy Heights was gifted to me by reader and Steam-friend Warhobo, under the stipulation that this gift was entirely free of review expectation overtones. I know, what a fiend, right? That’s not how I work and he damn well knew it. I tried my very best to resist the siren call of imagined peer pressure, I really did… and I managed, too, for an unprecedented two months. Two months is not forever, however.

Still, I got a free game and freedom from having to consider what to review out of the deal, so eh. I’ll take my ‘losses’ on this one.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, Low. Mechanical, Medium-ish.)

After the break: Wait, Unholy Heights? Aren’t monsters and devils and the like usually associated with the low places? What a bold breach of tradition!