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Indie Wonderland: Transistor

Supergiant Games‘ newest jeu vidéo, Transistor, serves as an excellent case study into the way I consume and make uses of game news. Because… I really don’t? Beyond the occasional exposure on Twitter, in digital storefronts, and through my various social networks, I hardly ever read game news of any kind anymore. Not even about games I like! Especially about games I like, really: for games I am — intuitively or through initial exposure — really looking forward to, I’ll often move from passive disinterest to active news avoidance. So as to better keep up my ‘first contact’ style of columning, and also because I really value an untarnished first look. And yes, I’m well aware that that kind of makes my own writing super hypocritical.

I’m giving you this peek behind the curtain so you fully understand how totally blindsided I was by Transistor. I knew it was coming, on a certain level, but… suddenly it was just there. Taunting me on its Steam store page. And beyond the well-worn visual of the red-haired woman and her weird green sword, I knew nothing about it.

Obviously, this could not do.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, Low-to-medium. Mechanical, Fairly high.)

After the break: I got through the entire intro without mentioning Bastion. But will my lu- damnit!