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Indie Wonderland: This War Of Mine

Near the tail end of 2014, quite some hubbub was raised by the unexpected appearance of This War Of Mine. Made by 11 Bit Studios, a development house previously best-known for the Anomaly: Warzone Earth game series — one of my favourite-ever games that I almost never actually play, incidentally — This War Of Mine was repeatedly praised for providing an interesting, alternative civilian-centered look on the horrors of modern warfare. As well as slammed, I’ve been told, by actual modern war survivors, for turning the experience into an exaggerated Hollywood-style Man Is The Real Monster story. Either way, it made an impact.

I didn’t cover This War Of Mine at time of launch, even though I kinda wanted to, because I was still caught in the Visual Novel hell of my own making at that time. And directly afterward, the timing didn’t feel right: what good would throwing new opinions on the still relatively fresh pile do? But I kept wanting to play This War Of Mine, sometime. Sometime. And given that we’re already half a year away from initial launch, a belated This War Of Mine ‘fresh look’ to lead in the summer of 2015 felt like as good an excuse as any.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium-high. Mechanical, medium.)

(Game source: Bought it myself.)

After the break: will I really go into this game with no prior expectations? Of course not, I’ve heard everything about it from everyone. But pretend you don’t know that.