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Tabled For Discussion: The Quiet Year


Villages, and the precarious situations they find themselves in, are a staple of RPG adventures. Each one has their problems, whether they built themselves on top of a portal to hell or attracted the interest of local dragons, super mutants, alien doppelgangers, and so on. The Quiet Year draws on these elements but invites you to take a bird’s eye view of the unfolding drama. Oh sure, you might have caused the drama but it’s all in the game.

The Quiet Year is a world building game for 2-4 players, centered around a struggling community in the post-apocalypse. Your small town of a hundred souls attempts to get through the year, preparing for the arrival of the enigmatic Frost Shepherds in the winter. Throughout each season you’ll take turns drawing a card from the suit of the current season. Each individual card represents the events of a week and gives you the choice of two events, usually both good or both bad. You’ll weigh your choice carefully as you keep in the back of your mind… winter is coming.

When you play the game of RPGs you win or… well, you’ll see.