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The Marvellous Ran Take – Stealing 101

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I don’t remember where I first ran across images about this unconventional stealth puzzle game but I was interested from the start. I mean you get to steal art in broad daylight during a galleries operating hours. That is pretty cool, some might even say Marvellous.

As far as initial impressions go, the Marvellous Miss Take is clearly a relatively simple game intended for multiple platforms. It’s options don’t even include a volume slider, merely a few discrete options for how loud you want your music and sound effects to be.

It is focused around mouse control but I found that it was much more fun using keyboard controls I find it a lot easier to get where I want to go without making strange pathing choices or reacting too slowly to changing circumstances.

I like its focus on high speed distraction based stealth rather than a slow methodical one. The gadgets I have encountered so far have been focused around either ranged distraction or adjusting that movement speed, it will be interesting to see what new elements they throw into the mix as the game progresses.

I am looking forward to playing more, hopefully you can join me in the audience. Once the series is over I will put up a post looking back on what I thought worked well and what dragged the experience down.

The Marvellous Ran Take runs every Wedensday on YouTube until Ranneko finishes up this game, if you want to buy it for yourself, check out the site for the game here.