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Indie Wonderland: The Last Federation

“Hey, you should check out GoG during the Steam Sale weeks as well! They have these timed offers where you get games for free!” It were these words, two weeks ago, that repeatedly brought me to the hallowed home of the Good Old Games. Free games were promised, and free games, delivered… but while hanging out there, I couldn’t help but notice GoG was also running a number of frankly ludicrous deals on a whole bunch of other games. There’s something about high discount percentages that short-circuit my brain’s ability to engage in protracted reasoning.

And this is how I found myself suddenly in possession of The Last Federation, a recent entrant in GoG’s possibly-Good definitely-not-Old Games line. I read three bylines about how it was a game about interstellar politics, I noticed a few glowing user reviews, I saw that it was currently 40% off, and hey, suddenly, it was mine. I know so little about it. I didn’t even see who created it!

I guess I could look up this game’s creator before we start… orrrrr….

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, Low. Mechanical, High…ly confused.)

After the break: Going in blind, yeah! Time to unite all the races in the galaxy, or whatever.