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Indie Wonderland: Teslagrad

Teslagrad, by developer Rain Games, is one of those rare games that has been on my ‘to-play-soon’ list for a really long time. No, like, for a really long time. A cursory dig through the accumulated strata of my Google Chrome Favourites — guys, I have so many Favourites, you honestly don’t even know — reveals that I first saved a link to the official website back in… February 2013? Is that about right? It was a still a humble in-development website, then, offering a demo and promising a completed game for purchase ‘soon’. ‘Who knows, we might even get on Steam!’ Was this before Steam Greenlight was a thing? It feels about that long ago.

Teslagrad drew my attention because it looked to be developing into a rad 2D platformer themed around electricity and magnetism, so I decided to forego spoiling my experience with a demo, and instead, to keep an eye out for its release. And I have… more or less. Teslagrad went gold a good long while ago, but I missed that happening. Then I saw it was actually coming to Steam, so I decided to wait for that… and I missed that too, when it happened. Then I saw that it would be in a Steam sale soon, so I decided to wait for that to pick it up…

…and wouldn’t you know it, third time’s the charm. Time to see if Teslagrad was worth the wait.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, light. Mechanical, heavy-ish.)

(Game source: Bought it myself.)

After the break: Teslagrad. Is it… [some lame electrical pun]? Yes, dear readers, it probably is.