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Indie Wonderland: Teleglitch

I’ve heard stories about Teleglitch, Paradox Interactive‘s top-down rogue-like death simulator. It’s supposed to be dark, oppressive, incredibly atmospheric. It’s also supposed to be fiendishly difficult, an assertion that this enhanced version’s subtitle — ‘Die More Edition’ — does little to dispel.

I’ve had Teleglitch sitting on my desktop for a little while now, ever since I bought it in May of this year. I’ve been intending to review it for that long, but… I don’t know. Something kept me from launching it for the first time, all this while. Was it… was it fear? It couldn’t have been fear, could it? Do you think it was fear?

It probably wasn’t fear.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, Low. Mechanical, High.)

After the break: Why would it have been fear? That just doesn’t make any sense.