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Indie Wonderland: Sunset

And now for a game you’ve very likely not heard about: Sunset, latest opus of developer Tale of Tales (previously known for their work on The Path). The email that offered me a Sunset review code was notoriously sparse on detail: all I could pick up were bits and bobs about a civil war, an apartment, and… cleaning house? Nevertheless, the game’s modest Kickstarter managed to entice enough people and investment to see it made. And while I probably would’ve found out about the game anyway, I’m not one to pass up on this rare opportunity to play a new game entirely free of marketed preconceptions.

Sunset, then. What am I getting into?

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium going on high. Mechanical, medium.)

(Game source: Review code distributor.)

After the break: Sunset. The following takes place between 5 PM, and 6 PM…