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Stream Update: New Channel & Schedule

Yay, the site’s up this month! Ninjustin here, and I’ve got some news.

Before I start, I really want to thank all the viewers (regular and otherwise) I’ve had on my stream. The past three months of consistent 3-times-a-week streaming have been really fun! I’ve streamed complete playthroughs of Arkham City, Shovel Knight and Doom 4, as well as streamed plenty of partial playthroughs, regular fun-time shenanigans and one-offs. Additionally, I’ve gradually refined my channel to have a chat-bot, a solid visual layout, and toys I regularly show off for the viewers!

Also, I got this rad balloon ninja commission pic from @sakurabutt!

Also, I got this rad balloon ninja commission pic from @sakurabutt!

I have no intentions of quitting the scene, but I’m making a few changes moving forward. First of all, I’m switching my stream to a new channel: https://www.twitch.tv/ninjustinn. I used to go by Wooogles on Twitch, but that caused a bit of confusion as people who know me from this site or Twitter would call me Ninjustin, but people who discovered me on Twitch would call me Woogles. Not a big deal, but I feel it’d be better in the long term if I stick to one name across all platforms. You know, #branding and all that. So if you follow me on Twitch, please follow the new channel so you can continue to see when I’m live.

Secondly, due to a change in work schedule (and my own desire to add a bit more variety to my streaming times), I’m adjusting my stream schedule. Namely, I won’t be streaming at the same time every day. This might seem a bit confusing compared to what was before, but there are reasons for it.

So, the new schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: 8:30-10:00PM
  • Wednesday: 1:00-3:00PM
  • Thursday: 8:30-10:00PM
  • Saturday/Sunday: Wildcard!

Bear in mind this is all North American Central time. Since I now have Wednesdays off, I want to do at least one stream a week in the early afternoon so that my international viewers (at least two of whom I know exist!!) can feasibly be awake to watch it. I’d like to set a consistent time for weekend streaming, but weekends are always a bit topsy-turvy.

So, quick review: Streaming has been super fun, which is why I’ll be continuing. Please follow the new channel, and come watch me stream whenever you’re able. And, you know, willing. That too. Don’t come if you don’t want.

And if you’re someone who would like to view my stream regularly but are not available at any of the alloted times, let me know when you would like to watch me stream! I can see if I’d be able to fit it in my schedule. I don’t have market researchers to tell me when to stream, so you’ll have to suffice.

Also, Overwatch is awesome.

Next Week’s Streams: Ninja Gaiden & Volgarr Spectacular!

UPDATE: I had to reschedule the Volgarr stream to Sunday, click here for details.

Ninjustin here, and next Thursday (March 3rd) I’m doing something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I’m going to stream a best-ending-run of Volgarr the Viking.

I never wrote about Volgarr and I only streamed it once last year, but it’s a 2014 game I discovered in 2015 that calls back to the old days of challenging action-sidescrollers like Castlevania, Zelda 2 and Super Ghouls & Ghosts, while improving vastly upon them. I genuinely call it hard-but-fair, which is a label I don’t ascribe to every game — Dark Souls can suck it — and I played the hell out of it last year, to the point where not only did I beat the whole notoriously difficult thing, I achieved the secret best ending, which requires jumping through some serious hoops.

I wanted to either stream myself achieving the task or record a video of it, but I never bothered last year. Now that I’m getting into the regular stream scene, I figured it’s as good a time as any. If you’d like to watch me kick that game’s ass, I’m going to stream at 8:00PM UTC. Here is a time zone converter for the event.  EDIT: Here’s the correct time zone converter page.

Also, on Tuesday March 1st I’m going to stream Ninja Gaiden for the NES, which I’ve been doing regularly since I started streaming. The game is frustratingly hard and often blatantly unfair, but I like how it feels, and I’ve made it a personal goal to beat it so I can up my ninja level. (Ninja level is a thing, in case you were wondering.) Same time, 8:00PM UTC. Here you go.

Hope to see you folks on the channel! On Tuesday I will die a lot, but on Thursday I will conquer.

Rocket League Footage 8/29/15 (Part 1)

Since we streamed for about an hour yesterday and not everyone who wanted to attend got the chance, I figured I would upload the footage in 10-15 minute sized chunks on the ‘tube. Expect the rest throughout the week, or something.

Some noteworthy notes:

  • This was my first time streaming with a webcam! I wasn’t sure where to stick the webcam box, so I stuck it in the top-left. I forgot that that’s where the customization box is. So in this episode as well as in later ones I specifically try to show viewers some of the customization options, and nobody gets to see it, because my face is in the way. Whoops. Hopefully my gorgeous hair makes up for that!
  • Since I also forgot to do a sound test, I’m considerably louder than Jarenth and Val. Again I say, whoops.
  • Let us know if there’s any other advice you can offer, or if you’d like to see more of this. I wouldn’t mind making Rocket League streams semi-regular. I don’t think I’ll be bored of this game for some time.
  • Seriously, guys, Rocket League is awesome. If you have a PS4 or a decent gaming PC, check it out.

Rocket League Stream 8/29!!

You may already know this if you follow me on Twitter, but Jarenth and I have sort of fallen in love with Rocket League ever since it was gifted to us by our friend and occasional guest-writer Thanatos. If you somehow haven’t heard about the game thus far, it’s essentially soccer but with everyone driving rocket cars and attempting to punt a giant bouncy ball.

It’s a concept that absolutely should not work — an online multiplayer physics-based game about intensely fast-paced precision — but the fact that it works as well as it does is a testament to the wonders of modern technology. It is immensely fun, even if it constantly makes you feel like an idiot for missing the ball or knocking it the completely wrong way. Major League Gaming has picked up the game as an official e-sport, and this prospect thrills me.

So we’re going to stream the game on our Hitbox channel. Jarenth will be there, I’ll be there, and Ranneko might be there too! We’re aiming for 21:00 UTC. Here’s the time-zone converter if you need it. Come watch us form incompetent rocket car pileups in real time.

UPDATE: Ranneko clarified to me that he is not coming. Come watch Jarenth and I form incompetent rocket car pileups in real time though, that’s still fun to watch!

Yomi stream on Thursday

Hi, Internet! Ninjustin here, and Jarenth and I want to stream again. Been awhile, huh? We decided to spend some of our Patreon funds to buy two copies of Yomi, which sells itself as “a fighting game in card form.” Sounds very amusing! We hope it will be amusing for you to watch us virtually flail at each other.

We’ll be streaming on Thursday the 14th, at 19:00 GMT. Here is the time on a handy time converter site. Hope to see you there!

Streaming Tomorrow (the 17th)

Ninjustin here, and we’re doing our first stream of 2015! Same time (2:00 Central, meaning about 20 hours after this post goes up), same place (our Hitbox channel), I’m going to be streaming Volgarr the Viking. Some people have likened the game to a 2D Dark Souls, which is fairly fitting, since I greatly enjoy the challenging core gameplay but find many elements to be frustratingly bullshit.

So, basically, hop on tomorrow to watch me die a lot and get really angry!

Ninja Blues Stream on 12/6 (this Saturday)!

Hello. I’m Ninjustin, and due to reasons, we are going to stream again.

December 6th. Same time: 2:00 PM Central. Same place: our Hitbox channel. Same game: Actually, not the same game. I’m going to play Spelunky this time.

Jarenth will be there. I’ll presumably be there. Will Val and Josh be there again? I dunno, we’ll see.