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Indie Wonderland: SteamWorld Dig

SteamWorld Dig and I have something of a spotty history. I’d seen Image&Form Games‘ fancy robotic digging simulator pass the front pages of Steam every now and again — no relation, as far as I can tell — but in spite of its vibrant colourful look, it never really seemed to appeal to me. I’ve played digging simulators before. Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound. I looked at SteamWorld Dig, and I saw stretch before me another endless progression into the dark bowels of the earth, progressing from ores to tools to better ores to better tools in all-too-familiar pattern. I don’t need another diamond pickaxe, thanks.

But then, last week, Lady Luck saw fit to provide me with a SteamWorld Dig Steam key through the magic of a conveniently-timed #GamesMatter event. And while I was pondering whether or not I should play it for review, I accidentally found some pretty rad SteamWorld Dig fanart on the website of Teslagrad developer Rain Games. Remember those guys from last week? Turns out they really dug SteamWorld Dig, pun only possibly intended.

In other words: on the exact day I found myself capable of getting a SteamWorld Dig key as a gift, I discovered that the developers of a game I really liked a lot themselves quite enjoy this game. I don’t want to say that that makes the pairing of me and SteamWorld Dig destiny… but if there was ever any better reason to bite the bullet and try this game out for myself, I don’t know what that would look like. Maybe some kind of million-dollar-heritage last will clause? “In order to receive my money, you must spend one full night in this haunted video game…”

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, high. Mechanical, high. Be ye warned.)

(Game source: Developer-gifted Steam key, by way of #GamesMatter.)

After the break: But enough about my weird daydreams. How many ores did I dig up in SteamWorld Dig? The answer may honestly surprise you.