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Join our Steam group today!

You heard it here first: Ninja Blues has an official Steam group now!

If you join, well, on top of representing a website you might think is neat, you may have the opportunity to play some community-wide gaming sessions! I have several games in mind (The Ship, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, maybe Warframe, and I’m open to suggestions) but I’ll have a much better idea of what we can do once people join. It all depends on how many readers are able and willing to join up for scheduled gaming excursions.

The Steam group also showcases our new logo, brought to you by Val, the same person that made our site’s banner and background. Here’s her commissions page if you’d like her to make art for you.

Talk of the Ninja: Steam Badges — Spending Money on Virtual Trinkets

A friend recently retweeted a snarky article from this site called Play4Real, which is basically a gaming equivalent of The Onion. The article is called “Valve Adds Button to Steam That Says Give Us Money, Makes 2 Million Dollars in 3 Hours“. The article bugs me, though not for the reasons you might be thinking.

So Valve has this weird system with trading cards and badges that cost real money and put knickknacks on your profile and give you a chance at getting games you want.

Wait, hang on, I’m getting ahead of myself. Tell you what, I’m gonna give you a little history lesson about Steam and its monetary infrastructure.

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