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Jarenth Plays Starships — Introduction

After mankind exhausted the Earth, after humanity’s Great Mistake, we looked to the stars for our salvation. The Seeding was our greatest ambition arisen from our greatest defeat: hundreds of interstellar colony ships launched at hundred of potentially viable star systems. Even if only one of them found a viable life-sustaining world, we thought, humanity would survive on its new home.

And humanity did survive. We’ve already seen the tale of the colony ship that ventured to the aquatic planet of Terra Atlantea. How the eight sponsored factions of colonists made planetfall, founded colonies, and starting taming and adapting to their new home in different ways. And how it was Élodie of Franco-Iberia who rose to dominance in a cybernetic autocracy, and how the race for Terra Atlantea seemingly ended right where it began — back on Old Earth, with the stagnant masses of our erstwhile home ready for assimilation into the Supremacy.

But the colony ship bound for Terra Atlantea was far from the only ship to make it to its new home. The galaxy is wide, after all, and teeming with habitable worlds. Dozens of new human worlds have sprung up across the cosmos, each one a story of conquest and deceit and love and triumph in its own right. And far from being the final chapter humanity’s interstellar adventures, the Seeding was only the beginning…

After the break: the start of a new, grand space adventure. Which I will probably bumble my way through.