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The Star Realms Diaries 4 – Ranneko vs RebelliousUno

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It has been too long since Star Realms graced the face of this site. You would think Jarenth and I would talk about it more given that we are still consistently playing each other and others (if you want to send me a Challenge go ahead, as may be pretty clear from the video I am Ranneko on there). I meant to do another one of these videos just after the previous expansion arrived, but unfortunately there were some problems during the recording step.

In the opponent seat today is RebelliousUno, all around cool guy and occasional twitch streamer, you may also recognize him from the LoadingReadyRun Minecraft Agrarian Skies LRRPlay series. He is one of the stable of players I regularly play against and due to his streaming I knew he was able to easily record his half of the game without a time consuming configuration process.

The game itself… could have gone better. I really need to try to deny my opponents access to too many Star Empire cards because discard is extremely powerful in this game and the number of cards that enable it has only increased as the expansions have come out. Having to discard one or even two cards is often only an inconvenience but any instance of forcing 3+ discards is pretty crippling to your opponent’s next turn and there isn’t any way to block discard effects beyond card denial. I have only ever been able to force my opponent to discard their entire hand a couple of times, but I am always tempted to push it and see how far I can go only the knowledge I am dealing with a human on the other end stops me.

With respect to the addition of the new expansions I am pretty happy with both events and bases and battleships. I like the new bases and ships, they don’t fundamentally alter the game or anything but they do continue to increase the variety in the trade row which is always nice in a game that I have literally played hundreds of times. My feelings on events are a little more mixed, they can really swing a game and they can’t be directly planned for but the effects are mostly symmetrical and what I really like is that they force you to treat every turn carefully. It is almost always better to trigger an event at the start of your turn than at the end and it leads to me holding cards in my hand until I want to use them rather than just hitting play all and then making decisions. On the other hand the more expansions we get the rarer events will become which will probably bring the Play All button back intro prominence.

The Star Realms Diaries: Jarenth Vs. Ranneko 3: Jarenth Vs. Ranneko With A Vengeance

Another day, another Star Realms diaries. Am I right, fellas? The fellas know what I’m talking about.

To celebrate the ‘recent’ release of online Star Realms’ first expansion, Gambits, Ranneko and I once again stuck our heads together to bring you this video. Not only is it more of the Star Realms goodness that you’ve come to know and love, but we also highlight the new elements of the aforementioned expansion. So if you’ve been wondering what Gambits is like, if it’s worth all four bucks of its asking price, this latest Star Realms Diaries may put you on the right path.

The right path is ‘yes’, of course. Gambits is rad. If you like Star Realms at all, you should get it.

The Star Realms Diaries: Jarenth Vs. Ranneko 2: Jarenth Vs. Ranneko Harder

That’s right, everyone! More Star Realms for the masses. Ranneko and I both enjoyed doing the first Star Realms Diary, so we decided to record a second game. We hoped it’d be different from the first, and interesting to talk about and watch in its own way. We got two out of three, so that’s not bad.

Again, additional comments are behind the break. If you’re just here for the video, knock yourself out!

The Star Realms Diaries: Jarenth Vs. Ranneko

Hey, look, everyone! A video about Star Realms! And it has me in it, and Ranneko!

I could explain what this video’s about… or you could start it up right now, and have Ranneko’s smooth, dulcet tones explain the idea to you. I know which version I’d prefer, I’ll tell you what.

After the break: But if you do want to read more about it, you know where to go. It’s… it’s here.