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RanStacking – EP5 – The Stack of Evil

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Last time on RanStacking we rescued our family. Not just our oldest, largest sibling but our ENTIRE family, because apparently the Baron went out and recaptured all of them, include our dear old Mum. He also dug out our father for some reason. I am not sure where he was holding him since the intro and he never actually tells us. Was he always kept prisoner on this giant train? Was he held elsewhere but moved when the rest of the Blackmores were captured? This is one of those small details that just seems to make less and less sense as I pick at it.

It doesn’t help that I completely misread the foreshadowing. I anticipated the Baron disguising himself as our Dad, I thought Dad was either gone or subsumed within The Stack of Evil. In no way did I expect Dad to be genuinely there and uncompromised.

The Baron effectively being 5 evil people in one was an interesting idea, but not a whole lot was really done with it; it was just a multistage boss fight/puzzle where each Blackmore sibling has to work together with a random person from the crowd. The final stage was more interesting though I am kind of ashamed at how long it took me to click as to the analogy it was using.

I definitely enjoyed my time with Stacking, but I am not really likely to go back. It has a neat aesthetic and spends some time exploring it without letting it outstay its welcome these days I am much more partial to an experience which doesn’t take more than a few hours to complete. I only have so much time to play after all.

At this stage I am planning on moving on to other games, starting with a single session game on Friday, but if you are interested in seeing the Hobo based DLC for Stacking, please leave a comment and let me know.

RanStacking – EP4 – The Biggest Baddest Train

In this slightly longer penultimate level of Stacking we are taking a train to an offshore platform. Which seems kind of bizarre, I mean this platform is explicitly in international waters where the Summit would hold no sway, so that is a very long train bridge for a very large train. The tracks are also remarkably low to the water which seems pretty dangerous. But then again this train appears to carry orphans and evil industrialists who literally eat money. So maybe the lack of safety measures is intentional. The Baron doesn’t seem to be the kind of person to want to spend money on safety.

The foreshadowing at the very start of this episode completely misdirected me, but I will go into that more next time, after the reveal so to speak.

RanStacking – EP3 – Stacking With Altitude

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A train, a boat and now a zeppelin. Where will the baron deploy his crew of child workers next?

I really need to pay more attention to the size of NPCs, because that is definitely a cue for some of the puzzles I just seem to take a while to put together. I ran into it with the end of the cruise ship and again when rearranging the lines in the train station here. I just assumed that the tellers were unimportant, until it became obvious that they were part of the puzzle. Doh.

Also hijinks, I should probably explore them more but the ones I have encountered so far all fall under the same brush, find a doll that does X silly thing, do X to enough other dolls or in the right environment and then that doll gets some kind of gold accessory. They are very silly and kind of quick. They sound pretty easy to collect if you are looking for them, though I think I would prefer something more interesting. Was collecting the German family in the train station also technically a hijink?

RanStacking – EP2 – Cruise Control

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Last time we rescued our slightly larger brother from a life of shovelling coal for the train system.

We move from a train level to a boat level, I think I see where this is going, one sibling per environment but first we have to solve a series of puzzles using our ability to stack and the abilities of the characters we stack into. I don’t see Charlie himself getting any new skills so it all will come down to the puzzles we are presented with and the folks we get to ride. Plus it seems like there is a handy rule of thumb for the number of levels, I am guessing it will be the same as the number of siblings, possibly siblings plus one for a final confrontation with the baron. But does anyone remember how many sibling Charlie has? I certainly don’t.

It also looks like there will be work to do in the hub area before we can move on to the later levels. The game helpfully tells me about some of the hijinks I can now get up to, but I will go into them a bit more next time, when I actually will play around with them a little more.

I should note that as of the time of these posts, all of the Double Fine games are on sale on Steam. I don’t know if it will drop lower during a daily or flash deal but Stacking is available for only $3.39 or your local equivalent

RanStacking – EP1 – A Brief Training Period

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Hi Ninja Blues reader, I am Ranneko, you may know me from the Ninja Blues comment section, the Star Realms Diaries or even more hopefully my YouTube channel. I am really excited to have the opportunity to contribute content to this site. The plan is specifically to share the let’s plays I do here, though I will note I also do other videos that can be found over on my channel.

For me these let’s plays are an excuse to try various games in my game library and talk about them as I play. Hopefully what I share is either entertaining, useful or interesting.

I am kicking off a new series with Stacking by Double Fine, which was one of their XBLA titles that eventually made its way to PC. I bought it some time ago but never got around to trying it out. All I could remember when I started this was that it was a puzzle game that involved Matryoshka dolls, so some viewers/readers may be much more familiar with the game than I am.

I was immediately caught out by the art style, I knew it involved dolls, but I didn’t really expect it to translate into the entire world being made out of toys and other building materials that emphasize the small size of all of the characters. From playing cards and pins to the occasional incandescent bulb the world really embraces the idea that someone is playing with these toys, someone with a massive collection and a great talent for building things. I am looking forward to see more in this world as the game progresses.