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Ran Alert – Ranneko plays Spoiler Alert

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Warning: Spoilers for Spoiler Alert follow

It took me a while to figure out what game to record for today, but I am really glad I picked Spoiler Alert it really hit the spot. It has leans very heavily on a single gimmick, it has barely acceptable controls and it doesn’t hang around long enough for these pretty glaring flaws to be a problem.

Instead I got to spend a pretty fun half hour making my way through all the levels and see how they played with the idea of playing a platformer backwards. You could probably do significantly more with this if you wanted to, especially if you were trying to make an actual platformer rather than an autorunner. During the video I wonder if that would work. Especially as a kind of competitive game, player 1 finishes a level then player 2 has to undo it by playing in reverse. It could lead to some interesting strategies especially regarding when and where collectibles are picked up.

I think it would be interesting, but I am not sure if it would be fun.