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Indie Wonderland: Soul Axiom

Video games and their naming schemas, I swear. What in the devil is a ‘Soul Axiom’? I know what an axiom is — in science and logic, at least, an axiom is a rule taken to be self-evident. And I get the concept of a soul. But ‘soul axiom’? Those are just two nouns! You can’t words that way! What does it even mean? Are we talking about an axiom that is soul-related? A soul that proves itself by virtue of definition? A clever play on ‘sole axiom’? And why am I rambling about this so much?

The reason for rambling, of course, is that last week I bought Wales Interactive‘s Soul Axiom on a Steam Sale-induced whim. I don’t even remember if I ever heard of it before. It was bundled with one Master Reboot, the studio’s previous work, which I think I’m continually confusing for Hard Reset. But impulse purchase is as impulse purchase does. I figured, worst case scenario, I’m out ten bucks. And best case scenario, I get something interesting to write about! The fact that this review exists should probably give you a clue as to what the outcome of that particular gamble was. But in order to respect the purported timeline of the Indie Wonderland format — at this point in narrative time I ‘haven’t played the game yet’, remember — demands that I say here:

Let’s find out which one Soul Axiom is together.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium-ish. Mechanical, light-ish.)

(Game source: Bought it myself; I prefer to save Patreon funds for games I’m sure I’ll review, instead of blind guesses like this. I’m Dutch, we’re frugal like that.)

After the break: I hope I didn’t shatter too much of the Fourth Indie Wonderland Wall for you there. Anyway, how about that Soul Axiom? It’s certainly a confusing game!