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Indie Wonderland: Solstice

Following an unprecedented two concurrent reader recommendations — I really hope this doesn’t come off as a mean-spirited burn, I love you guys — I’ve decided to this week take a look at Solstice. Created by MoaCube, developers of Cinders [official site], Solstice… looks a lot like Cinders 2.0? Both mechanically, and with respect to art style, I feel like I’ve seen this before. Except that Cinders was very clearly based on the Cinderella story. But Solstice… maybe it’s a Ice Queen adaptation, like Frozen? Am I going to be buddying up to existentially oblivious snowmen any time soon? Probably not. But still, only one way to find out.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, low-medium. Mechanical, fairly high.)

(Game source: Patreon funds.)

After the break: Solstice. I do appreciate the narrative disconnect between this snow-and-ice theme, and ‘cinders’. Let’s see if it lasts.