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Indie Wonderland: Sakura Space

Heya, readers. Happy new year! May your 2017 be good where 2016 was bad, and great where 2016 was merely good.

In lieu of the first ‘proper’ review of 2017 (that one comes next week), this week I’m posting the last entry of VNADS 2016. I’d originally planned to throw this one up last week (and then take this week off), but at the last minute I decided to spend Christmas time with my family and loved ones instead of…

…Well, I mean. I promised this at the start, didn’t I? “Tell me which one of these four specific games to review, and I’ll review it”. I have no-one but myself to blame for not even building in a convenient out. But at the very least, I hope you understand why this didn’t have priority. I’ve tallied the votes, and taken all arguments into consideration, and the final game of VNADS 2016, the one Sakura game I will review in that period, is

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, high. Mechanical, visual novel. NSFW Warning: Sakura Game from the first page.)

(Game source: Patreon funds.)

After the break: excitement! Unless you’ve looked at my Twitter poll. Or my ‘recent purchases’ feed.