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Indie Wonderland: Sakura Dungeon

Heya, readers. Happy birthday to me! By the time this goes up, I’ll have celebrated my 30th birthday. Officially old enough to know better than to spend my valuable free evenings playing and writing about terrible video games. But young enough to not care.

Apropos of that, I decided to spend my (busy) birthday week and weekend playing The Most Recent Sakura: Sakura Dungeon. As a gift to myself. No, not like that. I mean, yes, also like that. But more importantly, if I play and review it now, I won’t have this thing hanging over my head come November. I’m essentially gifting myself a bullet to bite, and yes, I couldn’t have thought of a better 2016-themed birthday gift if I’d tried. Thank you, I’m good at my job.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, hah! Mechanical, medium.)

(Game source: Self-imposed.)

After the break: Sakura Dungeon. If I’m playing this game as a joke, to wrap up quickly, then why is this review full-length and normal structure?…