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Indie Wonderland: rymdkapsel

rymdkapsel. What’s in a name, huh? My lupine friend Varewulf actually told me that ‘rymdkapsel’ is Swedish for ‘space capsule’, which makes a certain degree of sense: Grapefrukt‘s tenth and latest game does seem to take place in space. The story checks out.

Except it would, but I’m also Dutch. And while ‘rymd’ is meaningless to me, ‘kapsel’ is actually a word in my language. So for the remainder of this review, look forward to the many, many times I will be referring to rymdkapsel as ‘space haircut’.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, none. Mechanical, quite high, so be careful.)

After the break: I refer to rymdkapsel as ‘space haircut’ exactly two times in this review. These were it.