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Indie Wonderland: Renowned Explorers

Alright! 2016. New year, new opportunities.

And you know what? I spent the last months of 2015 stuck in a rut. A self-imposed rut, sure enough: nobody forced me to camp out in Visual Novel Valley for two months but me. But a rut all the same. So maybe it’s time now to broaden my horizons. To look beyond the stale and the comfortable. Maybe it’s time to… explore. With renown.

Or, putting the former in a non-zany way: this week’s game of choice is Renowned Explorers: International Society. Renowned Explorers for short. Renowned Explorers is the latest release of Abbey Games, the Dutch study previously responsible for Reus. I had some decent fun with that game on the Website That Was: it was pretty, and funny, and interesting, and only slightly longer than my overall attention span. And a quick look tells me that Renowned Explorers at least inherited its big sibling’s distinct art style, so that’s a plus right out the gate.

Let’s see if it manages to stand on its own.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium. Mechanical, medium-high.)

(Game source: Bought it myself.)

(Also additional disclaimed I guess: I’m kind of acquainted with one of Abbey Games’ lead developers. So if I end up being positive about Renowned Explorers, feel free to horrible distrust my ulterior motives.)

After the break: but what, I wonder, will our renowned explorers find? Treasure? Enormous world-shaping giants? Artifacts? Certain death? None of the above?