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Indie Shortieland: Recursion Deluxe

Sometimes I’ll dig into a given game for review purposes, and then discover that it and my review style don’t really click. Maybe the gameplay isn’t compatible with my interests, or the style isn’t conducive to long-form review, or it’s highly spoiler-sensitive. Or it just doesn’t grab me for long enough that I get enough out of it to write about. These things happen; not all games are for all players and all writers, no big deal. And if I catch the mismatch early enough in the week, I can usually switch over to something else no problem.

But say that I don’t catch the mismatch early enough. Maybe I don’t spend a whole lot of time gaming that week to begin with, and a lot of my allotted gaming time is spent battling aliens on Earth and battling aliens on Super Earth. And I only discover that I don’t really know — that I really don’t know — how to fill a whole Indie Wonderland with the game I blindly selected that week. What happens then?

Recursion Deluxe, by developers Ursa Games and 2D Heroes, is such a game. Let’s see what I have to say about, shall we?

After the break: Recursion Deluxe. I’m so tapped out about this game I can’t even come up with a good ‘recursion’ joke here.