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Come Work In Ranstotzka

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Last time, after reporting to the Grestin checkpoint I began my new job as a border control officer. It was bit more eventful than I anticipated as dastardly Kolechian terrorists have twice launched attacks upon the checkpoint. Worse, each time they have had their papers in perfect order, not that anyone seems to care.

The Ministry of Admission is very responsive to not just these threats but the general public sentiment regarding foreigners which means that each day a fresh new version of the rulebook awaits me with extra rules for me to learn and incorporate into my verification routine. It is harder and harder to check every little detail and now I am finding I am making enough mistakes that my savings are starting to dwindle.

I am fortunate that family tradition means that we alternate eating and heating our dwelling each day. This significantly reduces my family’s daily expenses and allows me little luxuries like investing in a better booth to allow me to check more passports faster and hopefully start making money again.

Hopefully the extra security will discourage these untrustworthy Kolechians from launching further attacks but I have a feeling that things will get worse before they get better. In the meantime come work in Ranstotska, just make sure you have your papers, please.

The Ranchanted Cave 2 – E5 – Time To Do Some Maths

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The longer this run lasts the more I am leaning on that heal spell, effectively I am substituting mana for health. This approach clearly has its limitations but they are pretty straightforward to work out, none of the information I am using is hidden. The cost of the spell is standardised and the amount I heal is shown every time I cast it.

So how much is a single point of mana worth? Well, depends on my magic, but at the start of this episode, 1 mana was a little over 6 (122/20) health. Even there that means that a single point of mana regeneration is worth more than the most health regen I have ever put on an item via enchantment. Time to slowly phase out health regen in favour of more mana. Heck spare mana lets me get away with a bunch of other things too, I can convert mana into attack via spells, I can convert mana into gold via transmutation and lastly I can convert mana into knowledge by revealing the entire level. I don’t know why I didn’t start this transition earlier.