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Indie Early Access Land: Prismata

A fun upside about regularly writing games columns is that I’ve become ‘eligible’ (in a ‘have a backlog to show for it’ sense) to request review keys from developers, as well as being tuned into the sorts of middleman operations that match needy developers and needy reviewers. Makes it a lot easier to get tapped into games you might otherwise overlook, let me tell you. A fun downside about being me is that I’m terrible absent-minded, which I genuinely can’t tell if I’ve made this joke on here before. This combination of factors can lead to some unexpectedly awkward situations, sometimes, where (say) a key distributor might email me after several weeks asking about a link to my coverage, and all I have to reply is “oh yeah, that key… that’s probably somewhere in my three dozen unread ‘I should check these later’ emails.”

In news that as far as you know may or may not be unrelated, I’m doing a review of Lunarch Studios‘s Prismata, which is currently in Steam Early Access. Being that it is, expect a shorter and more to-the-point review, like some other Early Access reviews I’ve done. I generally try to steer away from Early Access reviews, as it’s always tricky to determine what game aspect are and aren’t fair criticism game, but… let’s just say in that in the case of Prismata, I felled compelled to write something. For reasons you may or may not understand.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, Essentially none. Mechanical, high-ish, but not really impacting the experience.)

(Game source: Distributor Steam key.)

(Time of writing: 2018-03-26)

After the break: Prismata, or ‘I Tap My Six Drones For One Gold Each…’