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Ranneko Plays Pitiri 1977 – EP2 – A Twist Too Far

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Well… that was over quickly. This is not really a complaint, I would rather a game finishes rather than drag on until it ceases to really be an interesting experience. I was however expecting it to at least last out the week.

The ending does just try to pile up several twists in a row which I think is a real mistake. For a twist to pay off you need build up, you need time for the audience to reach a new equilibrium, get comfortable with it and then you can mix it up again with the next twist. Here we have:
– Actually the Robots are Evil

– Actually the Kidnapper was friendly and just trying to help

– Actually you have always lived on a space station, let’s fly off into the sunset.

None of that is particularly problematic but I just didn’t really care by the last one.  The alternative ending is no better, it just replaces always lived on a space station with “You have missed 5 years”, in a longer game these could have been spaced out and the same twists would have been more interesting.

There is a reason why a half hour long TV-show rarely has as many twists per episode as an hour long one.

Join me next time where I need to figure out yet another game to play. Dang.

Ranneko Plays Pitiri 1977 – EP1 – Boy Meets Space Station

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Sometimes I have a specific game in mind when I finish a series, but sometimes you get this a result of me idly wandering my steam library until something catches my eye. It results in even blinder Let’s Plays than normal, I genuinely had to search to determine where I even got this game from (a humble weekly bundle from last year). Pitiri 1977 is a pretty little metroidvania game by ILIKESCIFI Games, specifically it caught my eye because of the old tape case image in the steam background. The strangest things can get me to try a game sometimes.

Thus far the controls are a little wonky especially the form swap; it is both easier and harder to change form than I expect as a result I change when I don’t want to and often end up in a different form than I intend. This is kind of problematic in a game which relies on changing active ability to solve puzzles.

The other sin this game commits is the complete lack of options menu. Not only have I found no way of rebinding keys but I cannot appear to even change the in-game volume, this is literally the first game I have let’s played to lack such a basic feature and it’s pretty important if I want to get a good sound balance going for the video.

It has however been pretty and competent enough that I want to explore more of this station, find out what is going on and just where my little brother has been taken.