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Ranstotzka in Red

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It has been barely over three weeks and my great new opportunity afforded to me by the labour lottery has been an utter nightmare. The rules change nearly every day, my bosses are suspicious, hostile and spineless. EZIC are the only group that seem to actually want me to achieve something and are willing to award me for doing so. In the mean time with the mix of constantly changing rules and increasing amounts of paperwork to cross reference my job is getting harder and I am currently only able to keep afloat via bribes. I couldn’t even afford to give my son a birthday present.

I have been asked to deal with the man in red. It just comes down to another key and a slightly different gun. I can do this, really is it any worse than what I did to Khaled? Only because there is no doubt as to the consequences this time. There will be no delay there will be no question. Within the week I will be dead, but EZIC will see my family to safety. It will be over.

Thus ends my Papers Please Let’s Play. It was interesting playing the game pretty out of character and then trying to justify my mostly mechanical actions with in character motivations. This is probably the most egregious example, I am well aware that if I chose I could load a save and avoid this ending and the game goes on for at least another week. If I do so however it will be some point in the future, this game is remarkably well crafted but it ultimately is a stressful paperwork simulator. It immerses me in the stress and the need to just keep going a little too well and I don’t think I could maintain the focus needed to push through to the end.

Poison in Ranstotzka

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I can’t believe I didn’t notice that I would be reimbursed if I were to move back to a class 8 apartment, I just assumed that I would still have to cover the moving costs and in doing so I completely missed the lack of the minus sign in my summary. It is embarrassing to realise the financial hardship I have experienced the last few days would have been entirely avoided if I had just read my daily finances slightly more thoroughly. No wonder I am such a terrible inspector. I cannot keep doing this, continuing in this role for much longer will result in destitution, starvation and the doom me and my kin.

Ezic have asked me to dirty my hands, I just have to apply some powder to a very particular passport. Somehow I agreed to it, they are agents of change and I am already irrevocably tainted if the government ever learns of my connection with them. I must proceed. I am sorry, so sorry. Papers, please.

Tranqs in Ranstotzka

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The ministry of admissions is a bizarre and strange organisation at times. Apparently they have decided that despite the frequent terror attacks on this checkpoint men are needed elsewhere and I must assist in defending the checkpoint in any future incidents. I guess they figure that given the mandatory service all male Ranstotzkan’s must go through, they can rely on my hopefully not too rusty gun handling skills. I am of course hoping against hope that there won’t be call to use it in the future. At least it is merely a tranq rifle better to knock out these terrorists and to bring them to justice.

The rate at which I am making mistakes only seems to be increasing and between that and the higher rent of the Class 7 apartment my finances are looking pretty dire. Moving was a mistake, if only I could afford to move out. My son’s birthday is coming up and I wish I could afford to buy him a present. I am a terrible border inspector.

Crime in Ranstotzka

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In the Ministry of Admission’s unfailing wisdom and willow like approach to current events I now have to keep an eye out for most wanted criminals that apparently are constantly crossing our border. Perfect yet another thing to keep track of while also trying to make sure every other piece of documentation is accurate. That combined with both sides of an apparent espionage war are really fraying my nerves. I am making more and more mistakes as everything mounts up. At this rate this job will bankrupt me and then where will my family be? Starving, cold and sick.

They could at least give me most wanted posters I could put on the back wall rather than forcing me to keep the paper open on my desk, but I guess they want the criminals captured rather than merely scared off. I do not like the direction things are taking, but what can I really do about it? I am just a border control officer, my job is just to say “papers, please” and ensure every single little detail is correct whilst getting as many people checked as possible each day.

Spy in Ranstotzka

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After repeated citations since getting this job I decided to get serious. I have utilised the latest in recent technologies, the Post-It note, smuggled in from elsewhere in Europe and I have carefully transcribed the images and issuing cities of each region and attached them around the checkpoint allowing for much faster cross referencing.

Just in time really because this job continues to get more stressful as spies, diplomats and forged papers have started showing up on the scene, this is way beyond my pay grade but I suspect that simply saying no to any of these requests will not end well for me and my family so I will do what I have to do. Play to basically any side that makes a request of me. This cannot work out well long term, but it lets me survive in the short term. Long term does me no good if I can’t get there.

I just need to keep working, hopefully things will settle down and I have have enough time to process events and work out a plan, otherwise I am going to go enter some form of process blindness and start telling my wife “Papers, Please” after I get home from work.

Come Work In Ranstotzka

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Last time, after reporting to the Grestin checkpoint I began my new job as a border control officer. It was bit more eventful than I anticipated as dastardly Kolechian terrorists have twice launched attacks upon the checkpoint. Worse, each time they have had their papers in perfect order, not that anyone seems to care.

The Ministry of Admission is very responsive to not just these threats but the general public sentiment regarding foreigners which means that each day a fresh new version of the rulebook awaits me with extra rules for me to learn and incorporate into my verification routine. It is harder and harder to check every little detail and now I am finding I am making enough mistakes that my savings are starting to dwindle.

I am fortunate that family tradition means that we alternate eating and heating our dwelling each day. This significantly reduces my family’s daily expenses and allows me little luxuries like investing in a better booth to allow me to check more passports faster and hopefully start making money again.

Hopefully the extra security will discourage these untrustworthy Kolechians from launching further attacks but I have a feeling that things will get worse before they get better. In the meantime come work in Ranstotska, just make sure you have your papers, please.

Welcome to Ranstotzka. Papers, Please.

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Good news everyone. I just received a letter from the Ministry of Labor informing me that I won the October Labor Lottery. I have to report to the Ministry of Admission at the Grestin Border Checkpoint. It should be a pretty mindnumbing job and the class 8 dwelling that is provided isn’t very good, but it is vital that I do my part for the glorious nation of Ranstotzka.

Apparently I will get paid for everyone I let in correctly, and they will know because they already have someone whose job is to double check and they get paid for every mistake they catch so no doubt they will be paying very close attention and willing to pull any bullshit reason they can to show I made a mistake.

So I guess I just have to sit down, memorise today’s rulebook and practice my signature phrase: Papers, Please.