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Indie Shortieland: Mini Metro

Readers, what’s your favourite system of public transportation? I’ll tell you what mine is: it’s the metro. Subway, underground, whatever you want to call it. I love the metro. For an agoraphobic like myself, whose panic-fear expresses itself in a discomfort around wide open spaces, the ability to go deep underground, board a carriage, and emerge halfway across the city without even having the sensation of travel is pretty much magic. It’s as close to customer-level teleportation as we’re likely to get within my lifetime, is what I’m saying.

So when Steam helpfully informed me about the recent arrival of a game called Mini Metro — by the two-Curry outfit called Dinosaur Polo Club, no less — it was clear what I was going to have to do.

(Go hang out in Vienna for half a week, messing up my Indie Wonderland schedule something fierce.)

Mini Metro is currently in Early Access. Very Early Access. How Early Access is Mini Metro? Let me tell you: Mini Metro currently has no sound. None of it. Not a peep. Unintentionally so: it’s supposed to have sound, and the current opening screens have a habit of profusely apologizing for the current lack of it. But this is how Early Access Mini Metro is: when Peter and Robert Curry found they had the time to either get their game in a playable state, or to provide their unplayable build with aural support, they simply shrugged, grabbed some earplugs, and coded their game into existence in 0-dB silence.

Yes, that’s my imaginary story and I’m sticking with it.

Anyway, standard Early Access review disclaimers apply: I’ll try to talk mostly about the completed things, the elements I think are crucial enough that they’ll definitely make it into the game proper, but I’m no seer by any stretch. Who knows, maybe Mini Metro does have sound by the time you read this. Unnecessary addition, in my opinion, but weirder things have happened.

After the break: Mini Metro. Is it big? No.