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Indie Shortieland: LYNE

Heya, Ninja Blues readers and/or Indie Wonderland enthusiasts. Due to my last week’s waking time being a 50/50 split of long-distance travel and social interaction — i.e. ‘because I was on vacation abroad, visiting friends’ — I didn’t exactly have the kind of time I usually need to play any new game Indie Wonderland-style. Which is to say, I didn’t have time to play any video games last week, at all. I hope you understand that this puts a bit of a dent in regular Indie Wonderland service.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t planned for eventualities like this. I am a super genius. And as luck would have it, the week before last week, I did play a puzzle game called LYNE for a little bit. It’s not really a game I have a lot to say about, so don’t expect my usual multi-thousand-word rambling after the page jump, but hopefully this little nugget will tide you over until next week. Because I care about your well-being, readers, I really do.

After the break: a game called LYNE. I don’t have a lot to say about it!