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Indie Wonderland: Life Is Strange (Episode 1)

“Jarenth, did you play Life Is Strange?” “Jarenth, have you checked out Life Is Strange yet?” “Jarenth, you should consider getting Life Is Strange!” This, dear reader, is a snapshot of my life about three weeks back, very shortly after Don’t Nod Entertainment released the first episode of Life Is Strange, an upcoming five-part episodic adventure game “that sets out to revolutionise [sic] story based choice and consequence games”. Yeah, that’s right: no less than three people told me about this game. In a single day, even! I don’t know how things work over where you live, but here in Jarenth-land, that basically spells out ‘hey, maybe try playing this game at some point in the near future’.

I didn’t actually know anything about Life Is Strange at this point, mine. Not even that phrase I just copy-pasted from the Steam page verbatim. Subsequently, I gave it lower priority on my to-play list than a game I’d been looking forward to a lot and a game I’d been putting off for ages. But hey, ‘three weeks after launch’ is still like a timely review, right?


(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium. Mechanical, medium.)

(Game source: Bought it myself.)

After the break: Life. What is life? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU.