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Indie Wonderland: Ironcast

Merry (belated) Easter, everyone! Happy day of religious significance for those of you that observe it, and happy day of egg-shaped chocolate candy for those of you that don’t.

You know what else kind of goodness this spring of 2015-period is bringing? Completed video game Kickstarters! Depending on your personal predilection in backing, your past and coming several weeks may see the arrival of something in the vicinity of half a dozen Kickstarters finally touching down. The big names, of course, are the recently-completed Pillars of Eternity, the impending release of the second act of Broken Age — only slightly later than initially predicted — and the possibly-soon wrapping-up of Massive Chalice, which is currently on patch ‘0.96’. But several Kickstarters on a smaller scale have been hitting completion as well, and those are obviously of a little more direct importance for Indie Wonderland; depending on exact release times, you’ll see two or three of them pass our front page soon.

To wit: developer Dreadbit‘s Ironcast, a game that promised to combine colourful gem matching puzzles with Victorian-era mech-on-mech combat. Yeah, not hard to see which part of that pitch made me back it, no? Ironcast has been Early-Access playable for a few months already, but it finally left that wretched hive of scum and villainy to join the cool kids at the Released Games table not two weeks ago. And as such… here we are!

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium-high. Mechanical, medium-high.)

(Game source: Kickstarter backer.)

After the break: Ironcast. Yes, you guessed right: I’m such a sucker for colourful gem-matching puzzles, I was never *not* going to support this game.