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Indie Wonderland: Holy Potatoes! What The Hell!?!

Hey readers. November’s fast approaching; Long-time readers will know this as the time I generally indulge in the theme of visual novels and dating sims. However, following reader feedback at the end of the last excursion, I’ve decided to tweak the formula a bit this year. By not indulging in the formula at all. November 2017’s gonna be Just Normal Indie Wonderland Reviews month, or: There Are So Many Good Games I Haven’t Gotten Around To Reviewing Yet, You Guys Have No Idea.

As some contrition to those who like to see me suffer in a serialized manner, I offer this: Earlier this month, I was mailed by a PR representative of Daylight Studios with an unprompted review key for their latest work, Holy Potatoes! What The Hell!?!. Yeah, it’s this series again, of earlier weapon shop and space adventure fame. I was mailed because the studio thought that my earlier experience with pop culture potato games would make this a good fit for my writing; And if you think that dramatic arc sounds similar to the last time they mailed me, that’s because it is.

Still. I’m not one to turn down well-intentioned potato gifts.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, low. Mechanical, high, I think.)

(Game source: Developer Steam key.)

After the break: I’d make a month out of games like Holy Potatoes! What The Hell!?!, but alas, I already reviewed the other two earlier.