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Indie Wonderland: GhostControl Inc.: An Update

Regular readers may remember that in January of this year, I reviewed a game called GhostControl Inc. on the now-rapidly-approaching-defunct Blue Screen of Awesome. If you haven’t read that review yet: go now, quickly! Read it while the site is up! While it’s still up!

If you can’t, or won’t, read that review, here’s my summary: I thought GhostControl Inc. was a game with an interesting central idea and a neat Ghostbusters meets XCOM gameplay hook, let down by lackluster implementation and gameplay that wasn’t nearly as fun as it could have been. I particularly lamented elements like a lack of gameplay information, an unclear progression structure, and a gameplay flow that never really felt like it was going anywhere.

One of GhostControl Inc.’s developers, Volker Ritzhaupt, actually commented on that article, letting me know that the team agreed with many of my criticisms, and that quite a few of them were actually slated to be solved in the near future. And a few days ago, undoubtedly triggered by the recent Steam release of GhostControl Inc., that same Volker Ritzhaupt emailed me again — yes, actually emailed me, individually. I know! — suggesting that now-of-all-times might be an excellent time to take another look at GhostControl Inc.. And write some more about it, maybe?

I liked what GhostControl Inc. tried to be, and I’m a sucker for a dev team that actually goes out of their way to talk to enthusiasts. So I figured, why not?

Two things rapidly became clear to me: a) it’s true that GhostControl Inc. has seen a few significant improvements, but b) it’s still basically the same game under the polish. As such, I felt it would be dishonest and overkill to write another ‘full’ review on it. So instead, what I’m presenting you with today is a brief second look at GhostControl Inc., focusing on its improvements since launch and the problems I perceive it has now fixed. And maybe, if I run into any, the problems I perceive as still being there.

After the break: a brief second look at GhostControl Inc..