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Ranacide – Shmup-Four

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Galacide is an upcoming game from Puny Human in the final stages of Early Access. It enters final release on the 28th and I game I entered almost completely blind. It is a blending of two genres that I would never have expected someone to try, Shoot Em Up and Match Four.

The results of the blending are interesting, I don’t play many shoot em ups, but in general this one feels slower because in particular it involves trying to progress through literal walls of blocks while also dodging enemy fire. You have to balance clearing out height in the wall to give you space to dodge with clearing out depth so you continue to have space to move forwards. In the starting ship you also have to pick at any given moment whether you are trying to move and aim a block, or if you are fighting opponents so any time you are interacting with the wall you are restricted to dodging. It definitely adds a fair amount of stress without needing to actually increase the enemy count or complexity that much.

To me the play felt the best felt when the wall consisted mostly, so I could concentrate on both elements without getting too bogged down in either. The problem is that when the diversity increases it slows progress down to a crawl, which seems really strange in this genre of game, I am used to being pushed along whether I am ready or not and the pace the game sets has to be quite slow for the bitwall puzzle to really make any sense. It makes the game feel internally conflicted. I don’t really know how I would solve this either.

In any case, if you want to try it for yourself you can grab it on Steam for ten of your american dollars, or a regional Steam equivalent.