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Indie Wonderland: Future Wars

Last stop on my backlog-clearing spree for a while, the imaginatively-titled Future Wars (from the hands of sadly-now-defunct Radon Labs) has been languishing on my desktop for pretty much since before I can remember. Granted, my memory only goes back about three days or so in optimal circumstances, but the important thing is that this sentence is so long and unwieldy and run-on laden that I’ve already forgotten what I was even talking about. Hello! In today’s Indie Wonderland, I’ll look at Future Wars, from the hands of sadly-now-defunct Radon Labs. I’ve had it for a while! I don’t know exactly how long, but Future Wars was released in 2010…

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, Low. Mechanical, Medium-to-High.)

After the break: I don’t vow to never use this confusing style of opening ever again. But I probably should!