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Indie Not *Quite* Early Access Land: Factorio

Man. Factorio, the un-named three-man developer-created factory-building sim, is probably the single most requested game on Indie Wonderland since its inception: no less than two different people mused on my opinion on the Twittosphere. How could I not review it?

Now, as with last week’s 0RBITALIS, Factorio is technically an Early Access game: buying the game at current time gets you ‘alpha access’, with promise of ‘all updates’ after ‘official release’, you get the idea. However, where 0RBITALIS was clearly still in very early stages of development, Factorio appears to be… well, nearing completion, really. The current alpha is listed as version 0.9.8, it’s been in development for at least a year and a half, and the basic mechanical and gameplay conceits appear to be in place firmly enough that they probably won’t be drastically changed overnight. I’d almost say Factorio is in end-of-production beta stage, rather than anything that can be called ‘alpha’, if I wanted to be pedantic. But I don’t, so I won’t say that.

Because of how close to completion Factorio seems to, I’ve decided to forego my usual Early Access kid gloves. Hence, ‘Not *Quite* Early Access Land’: you get the critical eye and endless moping about inconsequential detail of a ‘regular’ Indie Wonderland this week, with the caveat that yes, technically speaking, Factorio isn’t finished yet.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, Very low. Mechanical, High, but also really only medium.)

After the break: Treating a half-finished assembly line as if it were an immutable final product? How *fitting* for a game like this.