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Indie Wonderland: Dungeon of the Endless

You know what, readers? I was actually a bit hesitant to cover Amplitude StudiosDungeon of the Endless. I only have a self-appointed week to play and write about the games I pick, as most of you probably know. And that’s usually not a problem; I’m fairly confident I can get a good handle on most stuff inside of a week. But an endless game?

…Okay, that might be the silliest opening I’ve ever gone for. In actual truth, I’ve had Dungeon of the Endless around for a while. The real reason I was hesitant to cover it is because I felt it had a lot of overlap with another game, a similar-sounding game, which I was considering writing a Let’s Play of at the time. And, on that side note: more Jarenth Plays news is coming soon, fans!

Anyway: the imagined Let’s Play project hasn’t materialized yet, so I kept Dungeon of the Endless around for particularly slow or busy weeks. And hey! Here we are.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, low, but high in one place. Mechanical, high.)

(Game source: Patreon bucks.)

After the break: Dungeon of the Endless. Yes, the irony of writing about my chosen ‘busy week’ fallback game *too late* is not lost on me.