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Ninja Blues Holiday Special – To The Moon Minisode 1


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Ranneko sez: I realised that my normal Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule meant that this year, I would release something on Christmas Day. And I wanted to do something a little unusual, a little special if you will. I started trying to think of Christmas themed games that I own and reached out to Jarenth and Justin to see if they were interested in helping. During that process I remembered that To The Moon actually had a couple of mini-episodes relatively quietly added to the game and that the very first of them takes place at Christmas time, so we arranged to record this group lets play/discussion. Unfortunately Justin had his computer break a few days before we were due to record and was unable to make it, so this is just Jarenth and me.

The minisode itself is an interesting exercise in world exploration and building: where To The Moon shows Dr Watts and Dr Rosaline on a slightly unsual job, this game shows them in a kind of downtime. Interacting with the other doctors at SigCorp, enjoying a party and goofing off, all while a protest takes place outside. You get a lot more feel for the setting and how the society and company works than I expected for a game that takes place in a single building, reuses a bunch of assets from the main game and takes about half an hour to play.

Jarenth sez: Man, I didn’t even know about these mini-sodes until Ranneko started talking about them. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t actually own to The Moon on Steam; at least there, the mini-sodes were secretly added to the game’s executable folder. Go check it out, if you have it installed. They’re right there!

And I agree with Ranneko: this first episode does a good job of making the To The Moon world just a little bit larger. In the video, we talk about this in more depth: the game’s underlying technology, the social and ethical implications that ‘memory alteration’ would have, and how different people would react differently to something like this. Hell, Ranneko and I react quite differently. And all of that from a half-hour asset-reuse mini-game.

Not bad.