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Indie Wonderland: Costume Quest 2

Plans change sometimes, reader. Initially, I was halfway planning to review some weird visual novel game about flower shops this week. Who knows, that might still happen next time! It had talking and anime characters and a main character named Steve, what more could I possibly want.

But then someone helpfully informed me that Costume Quest 2 was slated for release that week — I actually heard it came out on the day it came out — and that, as they say, was that. I was a big fan of Double Fine‘s previous Costume Quest, having written both about the base game and Grubbins On Ice on the Blue Screen of Yore, so ditching all my previous plans to finally get a Costume Quest article here on Ninja Blues seemed like the only logical step. And it was.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, High, but lacking in calories. Mechanical, Medium.)

After the break: Costume Quest 2. Is it like Costume Quest 1? It… it really is, honestly.