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Indie Wonderland: Bleed

…dangit. I don’t really have a funny opening story for Bootdisk Revolution‘s Bleed. I received the game as a gift from a fan/Steam friend about a month ago, and as many of you might know by now, I am hilariously vulnerable to all kinds of peer pressure. Real peer pressure, implied peer pressure, imagined peer pressure. Even explicitly stated non-peer pressure — i.e. ‘I absolutely and under no circumstances want you to review this game!’ — works like a goddamn charm on me. My fate was basically sealed when I saw the notification email pop up.

Or, sure, I could go with the non-imaginary narrative, which is that Bleed looked at least reasonably interesting, as well as short enough for me to get a good overview of in a week filled with heavy work demands and repeated failures to make Space Engineers play ball. Pick whatever story you prefer, really. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure-review all over again! Except you only get one choice in total, at the start of the review, and it doesn’t influence the proceedings in any way whatsoever.

So probably closer to the actual CYOA experience than my previous outing in the field, then.

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, ‘High’. Mechanical, Actually high.)

After the break: When I ramble about nonsense for three paragraphs in the introduction, you just know the review’s going to be good. Anyway, Bleed! What’s Bleed all about?