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Beyond Rans – Beyond Eyes Let’s Play

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While Ninja Blues was down I took the opportunity to take the conceptually charming little title Beyond Eyes for a spin. It was an opportunity to perceive the world through the senses of a young blind girl, not exactly the focus of a typical game.

It starts off fairly well with a quick dip into the tragic backstory of our heroine followed by a stroll around the garden playing with our cat. Unfortunately the hook of the game proves to be its downfall, understandably a little blind girl tends to move very slowly and uncertainly which makes exploration a pain. She also doesn’t know about obstacles until she is very close to them and the controls are awkward enough that you often end up stuck in small corners you have no way of knowing about until it is too late.

It results in a tedium that often overrides the wonder and beauty that the concept and art style otherwise would invoke. I literally had to stop myself from falling asleep in some parts of the second episode.

It is a real pity as the game sounds like the kind of different experience that I am often after when I look for new games.