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Indie Wonderland: Appointment With FEAR

Trawling for suggestions in last week’s pigeon-related wonderland, I noticed long-time reader Museli talk about a game called Appointment With FEAR. And, I’ll be honest: a more western-oriented, superhero-themed visual novel game sounded like an excellent palette cleanser after four weeks of anime faces and high school romance plots. I looked it up on Steam, noticing that it can’t seem to keep its nomenclature straight — seriously, is the title supposed to read FEAR or F.E.A.R.? — but still mostly finding myself intrigued with the general idea put forward. The lone superhero defender of Titan City, fighting to oppose the forced of 1980’s villainy? Sure, sign me up!


(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium. Mechanical, high.)

After the break: turns out justice wasn’t the only thing I was signing up for. Turns out Appointment With FEAR is lacking the letters D, I and S. Can you guess where those letters should be?