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Indie Early Access Land: 0RBITALIS

Mark the day on your calendar, Indie Wonderland readers: today is the day I officially sold out. Because when I found myself interested in 0RBITALIS, the minimalistic gravity-based puzzle game by Alan Zucconi that has recently opened up to Early Access, what did I do? Did I pay the money and take the gamble like every other interested prospective player? No, I used my contacts in the games industry to get a copy for free.

Okay, maybe I do consider Ashton Raze to be more of an online friend than a ‘contact’. And maybe I didn’t so much ‘request a copy’ as that I made grumbling jokes about failing at a contest. Listen, it matters not: east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet, and free games from industry insiders are free games from industry insiders and never again shall I regain my indie reviewing cred. I might as well go full sellout, then.

What, what… oh god, there’s a Mountain Dew can on my desk right now. I don’t… I don’t remember buying that? How long has it been here? Has it always been here? EAT DORIT-

But yeah, anyway: 0RBITALIS. As an fairly recent early access game, I will not review 0RBITALIS in traditional Indie Wonderland style. Rather, this write-up will be a bit of a first look. 0RBITALIS-as-it-currently-is, if you will.

After the break: 0RBITALIS, as it currently is. If you will