Jarenth Plays Warlock: Master of the Arcane


In which I talk about Warlock in general, set up the game and create my character. Riveting stuff, really. Also, a first introduction to serial commenters Vipermagi and Sumanai, who assisted me with mockery and advice in equal measure throughout the series.

Episode 1: Of Mice And Goblins

A first look at the core game mechanics, and the first indication of my yet-undiagnosed Screenshotitis. Or should that be Screenshotophilia?

Episode 2: Veni, Vidi, Vampiri

My first encounter with another player. Also, a random surprise at a random point starts a thread that takes me through the entire game. See if you can spot it.

Episode 3: A Tale Of Two Cities

Diplomacy, religion, warfare. Really, this episode has it all.

Episode 4: The Siege Of Inver-On-Linn

Yes, this episode is just a massive siege. Because this is my Let’s Play and I can do whatever the hell I want, that’s why.

Episode 5: Calling All Goblins

Both the sea and the other planes proves themselves unknowable, unassailable and — frankly — undesirable. Let’s just stick to land for now.

Episode 6: Ghost-Busting

WAR, huh, yeah! What is it good for? This episode, for one.

Episode 7: Capital Punishment

And like that, it’s over again. ‘Peace through superior firepower’ is really an adage for the ages.

Episode 8: Interbellum

Of course, there not being a war in a game called Warlock is the exception, not the rule. Which one of you had ‘one whole episode’ in the Peace Pool?

Episode 9: Anti-Freeze

Not a whole lot happens in this episode, to be honest. Well, except for magic teleporting soldiers. But beyond that

Episode 10: Conquest Avalanche

Sometimes, you slug through warfare with nary a victory to your name. Other times, you blitz over an entire empire in a single episode. Guess which type of episode we’re having today?

Episode 11: Winter Is Not Coming

Two enemies down, and I got my court-mandated Game of Thrones reference out of the way. What should I do next?

Episode 12: Beyond The Dark Portal

You know what they say: when life gives you lemons, travel through a magical portal to a different plane of existence and take its riches for yourself.

Episode 13: Conquest Of The New World

Alright, so maybe this whole ‘take over a part of the universe’ plan is going to take a little while. Nobody told me that here there be dragons!

Episode 14: Manifest Destiny

In which I go maybe a little too far in my plan to safeguard goblin-kind. Also, another war… but it’s not really all that interesting.

Episode 15: The South Shall Rise

I’ll be fair: I initially wanted to call this episode ‘song of the South’, but I was concerned about the source material’s rather blatant racism. Hence, compromise.

Episode 16: D-Day

Really, now: what you do suppose happens in an episode titled ‘D-Day’? (answers before 08-11-2012 to Blue Screen of Awesome)

Episode 17: These Victories Three

And with that, I win. But how?

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